The image in the post below is the cover of a new book from the remarkable Kilmog Press in Dunedin. It’s a companion to my previous Kilmog book, The Thousand Ruby Galaxy, which came out late last year. Whereas the 1000 Ruby tells one story over a series of chronologically ordered prose pieces, Hypno collects a number of discrete fragments, many of them transcriptions of dreams, written over the same period of time. I think of it as a blue book to go with the ruby red; perhaps its tone is bluer too. Kilmog books are beautifully made, collector’s items, but they are not easy to come by. Currently there are only two or three places in New Zealand where they can be bought but, if all goes well, there may soon be one in Sydney too – more about that later. Meanwhile, how about that cover image? It has for me a rare precision, an uncanny suggestion of what the book is actually about, as well as an unlooked for correspondence with the title itself – the hill as geo, the creatures rising up from below, the hypno.


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