Helensville, Auckland, 1994

This is the cover shot of New Zealand photographs by Alan Miller (Anglesea House, 2009). A copy arrived at my door this week because I contributed a short essay, Seeing Forever, to the book; which, along with 67 superb photographs, also contains an interview with the photographer by Kriselle Baker. From my essay:

The true face of the world may inhere in the patterns made by leaves in a fountain; the grain of wood exposed, and distorted, by a circular saw; in frost on a window pane; ducks gathered together like a mound of feathers; seaweed on a beach; a curl of rain-wrack on a city footpath. Or in the evanescent patterns of sand dunes, a river channel glittering through mangroves when the tide is out, a forest like an ocean wave breaking over a smoky beach, a hillside of grass, the mysterious other visages of water. Or is it made out of reflections? Of skies, hills, lakes, trees .  .  . and, here and there, tiny humans showing us the vast scale of the planetary drama we are enacting or being enacted by.

It’s a wonderful book.


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