Untitled (Printer’s Devil)


The restoration of lost works, / or unfinished,  / matters to the constant man / with two suitcases / moving against a concrete wall

Alan Brunton


Lion & Virgin

Unclassifiable. A roman à clef perhaps. Based on a diary I kept at Pearl Beach in the early days there. Amethyst Avenue, mid-1990s. Unpublishable.

Vagabond Cinema

‘Selected Poems’. 1970-1996. Chosen out of a mass of failed attempts, most of which still exist. Unpublishable.

Terminus Motel

Novel. Written at Cornelian Road, Pearl Beach, 2001-2. Kevin Bone’s last trip home. In three versions. The longest includes excerpts of a film script the doomed cineaste was meant to be writing. There is a ‘framed’ version and one that is stripped of its frame.

Film Proposals, Treatments and Scripts

There are a lot of these, from the mid 1970s to around 2005. They have no discernible value. 

White City

Novel. Written 2006-7 in Summer Hill, Sydney. The Life of Ern Malley, told by Himself. Also has a frame. Noir, but strangely attenuated. It was fun to write but thus far unrevised. I don’t know how. Sydney and Melbourne in the 1920s, 30s and 40s. 

The Isinglass Redaction

Novel. Unfinished. Written 2010-11. About the fate of an asylum seeker called Thursday. The last part was going to be based on a trip to Tanimbar but I haven’t got there yet. Still like the third section, which imagines prehistoric migrations of humans out of Africa. Otherwise set in Australia. The Darwin section written in Napier in 2014.

You Must Remember This

Memoir. Written at Summer Hill. Maybe 2012-13. My parents’ courtship and marriage during the Second World War. Unpublishable, but perhaps of documentary interest. The last two sections (Barefoot Years; What Instruments We Have Agree) have already appeared in print.



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