A Curiosity

1Katherine Mansfield’s father, Harold Beauchamp, was a Wellington businessman. In the late 1900s and early 20th C. he worked for Bannatyne & Co., importers and general merchants. Here, as a curiosity, is a list of the agencies the firm held:

Messrs. Bannatyne and Co. are district agents for the Royal Insurance Company, Liverpool, and in addition the firm holds the following agencies:—London—Curtis’s and Harvey’s blasting powder; James Pain and Co.’s fireworks; Maignen’s Filtre-Rapide Company, Limited, hygienic filters; R. and N. Pott’s vinegar; E. Lazenby and Son’s oilmen’s stores; T. J. Lipton’s Ceylon, India, and China teas, and essence of coffee; Bovril Company’s Bovril; R Wotherspoon’s corn flour, Apollinaris Company, Limited, Apollnaris water; Bass, Ratcliff and Gretton, Limited, bulk ale; Ind, Coope and Co., Limited, bottled ale, “Roford Bitters” etc. T. P. Griffin and Co.’s Guinness’ Stout, Anglo-Bavarian Ale, etc.; Patterson and Hibbert’s Bass’ Stout; William Teacher and Sons’ (London and Glasgow), Highland Cream Whisky; H. White and Co.’s “Red Heart” rum. Liverpool: Richmond Cavendish and Co’s tobaccos: W. E. Johnson and Co.’s Guinness Stout; James Storer and Co.’s oils and colours; Nobel’s Explosives Co., Ltd., dynamite; Haynes, Finemore and Co.’s lime juice cordial, A. and B. Mackay’s liqueur whisky. New York: American Axe and Tool Company’s Mann’s Maine and Eureka Axes; R. W. Cameron and Co., “Light of the Age” kerosene, Udolpho Wolfe and Sons’ Aromatic Schiedam Schnapps; E. B. Nostrand, Dr. Town-end’s Sarsaparilla; R. W. Cameron and Co.’s Pioneer Line of Sailing Vessels. Hamar: Anglo-Scandinavian Condensed Milk Company’s Milk (Paris Gold Medal brand). San Francisco: Johnson-Locke Mercantile Company’s “Coleman Flag” raisins, “Coleman Flag” salmon, “Thistle Salmon,” Frank B. Peterson and Co., canned and desert fruits, preserved provisions, etc. Richmond, Va.: T. C. Williams Company’s tobacco. Petersburg, Va.: Watson and McGill’s tobaccos. Oakland, Cal.: J. Lusk Canning Company’s fruits. Aberdeen: Alex. Milne and Sons’ tinned fish. Salzuflen Germany: Hoffman and Co.’s starch. Genoa: Lucca and Co.’s salad oil. Oporto: Warre and Co.’s port wine. Beaune (Cote d’or): Bourgoin-Jomain Fils’ champagne. Leith: Bernard and Co.’s “Encore” whisky, ginger wine, etc. Cognac: J. Denis, Henry Monnié and Co.’s brandy, Charles Jobit and Co.’s brandy, Prunier and Co.’s brandy, A. L. Boiteau and Co.’s brandy. Rotterdam: Blankenheym and Nolet, “Key” Geneva. Cairo: D. Argyropulo, Weening and Co.’s cigarettes, Dresden, Reichardt and Co.’s pianos. Messina: Fratelli Abate, drained peel, lemons, essential oils, etc. Melbourne: Swallow and Ariell, Limited, treacle, biscuits, etc. Perth: J. Dewar and Sons, Limited, whisky. Adelaide, S.A.: Harrold Bros., Seppelt’s Australian Wines. Christchurch: Rollitt and Co.’s roller flour. Napier: Saunders, Gilberd and Co.’s soap. Hokitika: Paterson, Michel and Co.’s coffee, pepper, spice, etc.

from : The Cyclopedia of New Zealand, Vol. 1, Wellington Provincial District, 1897-1908


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