Dark Memoir

A year ago last night I found in one my folders a document called Dark Memoir. I opened it up, wondering what it contained; but it was blank. Another one of those false starts that litter my files. Anyway, given that it was 31.12.19, I took it as a sign and decided I would use the document to keep a diary of the coming year. That is, I would make an entry for each day of the year 2020. I’ve never been much good with diaries but am pleased to report that I did accomplish this task, even though there are quite a few days when ‘nothing happened’. Oddly enough, so far as I recall, the diary doesn’t say much about the bushfires of Black Summer; and not much about the pandemic either. This because I used it to focus, rather narrowly, on what I was up to in my writing life. Not that there is anything of great significance there; but I thought it would be interesting to have a record of what did not happen alongside those works that did achieve some kind of completion if not yet publication. At the same time, I set myself to take and post a photograph each day, without a caption, in the attempt to communicate using image alone. This task was complicated part way through the year when someone introduced me to Instagram. I don’t know how many photos I took in the end but I’m pretty sure I posted one, or sometimes two, each day. I am going to illustrate the diary with photographs but I think one a day is too many; I might try for one a week. And I might caption them. I hope the images will give some zing to the tedium of the quotidian. It goes without saying that, if I do re-read the diary all the way through, I’ll revise as I go. This was always the intention ie to expand upon some things and to omit others. Even the title, Dark Memoir, is somewhat of a misnomer. It isn’t really that dark or not as I recall. So I can’t really justify quoting Brecht’s motto but I’m going to do so anyway: In the dark times / Will there also be singing? / Yes, there will also be singing / About the dark times.

images: Buddha, 31.12.19; Buddha, 31.12.20

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