The Daring

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The schooner Daring was a built on the beach at Mangawhai in 1863 by Donald McInnes, a young Nova-Scotian, and wrecked twice in the next two years. Once in 1864 off Waikato Heads, after which she was repaired and re-floated; and once again on Muriwai Beach near the southern entrance to the Kaipara Harbour in 1865 when, during a storm, her skipper ran her aground in an attempt to save the crew and the ship’s sails and fittings. The cargo, grass seed, was unsalvageable. The crew survived and many of the fittings also, and were sent south by boat; this too, unfortunately, foundered. Her owner, a fraudster called Kirkbride, absconded with some West Coast gold, taking a Japanese circus from Yokohama to San Francisco. The Daring was lost, buried by shifting sands, for one hundred and fifty years until in 2018 she re-appeared. She is in the process of being restored to the state she was in when re-found; and will be displayed at the Mangawhai Museum, not far from where she was made all those years ago. Various items were found within her, including ballast stones, an anchor and a chain, a single shoe, a straw hat, coins, a cup, clay pipes, multiple wine bottle caps―and a neckerchief. ‘When I first saw it,’ said conservator Susanne Grieve Rawson, ‘it was a grey little curled up ball. I cleaned off the sediments, carefully unfolded it and gave it a wash and a dry.’ The neckerchief, an intricate artefact, is made of grey silk which carries upon it, in amongst swelling clouds and blowing winds, imagery derived from Freemasonry. A summary of the motifs upon it follows:

Hebrew script, a pair of dividers, a six pointed star

A candelabra with seven candles lit

The Rosy Cross

A temple in Greek or Roman style

A nest of birds upon the water

Letters: A L G / D C A / D L

A rooster

A square wooden cross with the letters, clockwise from the top, I S N B, at the angles between the verticals and horizontals; maybe the N is an R

A mirror giving forth rays of light

An animal, the lamb of god, lying over a casket, probably the ark of the covenant

A gavel and a sickle, crossed

Two hands shaking

A nine pointed star made from three interlocking triangles

A dagger surrounded by flowers–but-remains-shrouded-in-mystery?rm=a

image ; the neckerchief before cleaning

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